Types of jobs, positions, industries. Best Answer: Nothing is in particular demand with the current unemployment rates in some of Europe. Best Answer: Nothing is in particular demand with the current unemployment rates in some of Europe. Home > News > Get Hired > The Top 5 Most In Demand Engineers. Nurses earned an average annual salary of $65,470 in 2012. ... More information about how to apply for jobs in Norway here. Work in Germany. ... are much more in demand than office-based jobs. The 19 most in-demand jobs for 2016. This week we checked out the most in-demand jobs in seven major U.S. industries, as well as what employers are looking for in employees. Are you a European considering a new job and culture? Work in Germany. ... high in demand around the world right now. What foreign languages are in most demand/valuable in Northern Europe? Search Jobs; ... In-Demand Careers. Demand for workers. ... What Are the Most In Demand Careers in 2010? 29 most in-demand jobs ... professions involving manual labour are much more in demand than office-based jobs. ... Top ten in-demand jobs in the UK; Related Articles. Where and in what subjects are teachers needed most? Some countries also suffer from brain drain as STEM professionals emigrate for better jobs elsewhere. Discover and learn more about the current demand for teachers in America. ... Engineering Europe. 30 most in-demand jobs around the world right now. Germany being one of the leading economies in Europe is the best place to work and reside. Update Cancel. (Significantly more jobs avaible than fitting professionals avaible) The Most In-Demand UAE Jobs in 2016 ... E-demand for jobs in the healthcare industry has increased 76% year to date, ... Asia and Europe. ... and jobs from the engineering school world! As a result, skilled workers are in high demand. ... most in-demand jobs for 2016, ... Europe's venture capitalists are closing the gap with Silicon Valley. A list of high-demand international jobs ... You'll immediately notice that most of these are, ... don't forget that we have jobs in Europe for you. Most job vacancies in Norway are written in Norwegian. The 25 highest-paying jobs with the most openings ... when it created its latest list of the 25 best-paying jobs in high demand. The nation has huge demand for IT professionals with specific skills The most in demand language right now may or may not surprise you. You will want to know where your language is most in demand then. Job bulletin site Indeed found which jobs are the most in-demand for 2016, including truck drivers and nurses. Top 25 In Demand Jobs and Fastest Growing Occupations; ... number of jobs, and education requirements. Career Exploration. To determine which jobs are most in demand heading into the New Year, CareerBuilder partnered with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Registered nurses will also continue to be in demand as the retired set grows and as more Americans look for preventive health care, according to the BLS. In Germany, there is a shortage of skilled staff in many areas, especially in healthcare. This are the Top 10 profession currently in demand in Germany.